Right now:

  • Working on Treasure in Tzoumerka.
  • Treasure in Tzoumerka is a location-based mobile game to be played on the 25th of October 2015 in the area of north Tzoumerka in the north west of Greece. The area contains a cluster of villages which blossomed in the previous centuries. It is abundant in buildings created with stone. The villages are connected with mountain paths, passing over numerous stone bridges. Churches and monasteries are decorated with iconography which is a few centuries old.
  • The game will be played in an area which includes seven villages. It will be a treasure hunt game, played with android devices over the course of one day. The players have have to associate episodes of a story to specific points in the area. There are three main stories, which will be revealed at the day of the game. A demo version of the game is available in google play. There one can get an idea about the structure and the spirit of the stories.
  • The dedicated web page has more info about the rules, instructions on how to download the android app and participate (in greek).


  • Previously we have worked on If … in Monemvasia. It is a game for the medieval castle town of Monemvasia in the south east of the Peloponnese.
  • If .. in Monemvasia is a location-based mobile game for visiting groups of school students. An Environmental Education Center operates in the area and it included the game in the program of the visiting school classes.
  • The game is being played roughly every three days, from October until April.